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Mom & Toddler Group
4 months and older

FL&B Toddler Group - Summer 2022.jpg

Mom & Toddler Group

The Mom & Toddler Group was born out of a need of graduates from the Mom & Baby Group to continue to be in relationship and support of each other.  Each Mom & Toddler Support Group has been self-launched in order to continue the magic of being in community and seeing each other in the true experience of motherhood.  

There are several active Mom & Toddler Support Groups that are independently led (ie. self-facilitated).  If you are interested in joining an existing group contact one of the facilitators listed below.  The toddler groups are categorized by birth year.

Existing Groups

If you are interested in joining a Mom & Toddler Support Group please reach out to a facilitator listed below according to your toddler's birth year.

Born in 2020

Born in 2021

Born in 2022

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