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Postpartum Support Group Waiver

I understand that For Love & Babes support groups do not replace professional care for mental health.

I also understand that For Love & Babes team members are acting in the role of group facilitators and they are not therapists or mental health care providers.

I understand that if I'm looking for deeper assistance with my mental health care, I can ask a member of the For Love & Babes team and they can provide a list of qualified providers that can help me further.

Postpartum Support Group Confidentiality Agreement

As an attendee of this postpartum support group, I acknowledge that there will be private emotions and thoughts conveyed by me and other members of the group. I understand that this information is fragile and should be handled with compassion, empathy and understanding, and in no way should be shared with people outside the group. I agree to maintain confidentiality to the highest degree.

Postpartum Support Group Photo Release

I understand that photos and video may be taken at For Love and Babes Postpartum support groups.  These photos and video may be used in online platforms and promotional materials.  If I do not want my or my child's face to be used in online platforms and promotional materials, I will tell my group facilitator. 

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