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Mancos Moms
all ages

Mother with her Two Kids

Mancos Moms

This is a confidential support group for Mancos Moms (of kids of all ages) and a place to be seen, heard and know you are not alone. Mancos is a whole different world from Durango and other nearby communities. We share unique challenges in our parenting work. We need support here, in this community, where we live and love. We don't need advice, we need to be seen and understood. With that said, this is an advice-free space.


Participants are invited to bring their whole and nuanced selves to this group, to sink into the heart space of honest sharing and deep listening, and to build new relationships that will enrich and enliven your parenting community. If you participated in a For Love & Babes postpartum support group, you’ll be familiar with the format. We invite open-ended sharing what’s on your heart, each person in turn, and then as time allows, shift into a topical discussion. While we understand that life happens, we ask that you set an intention to attend every session in order to build a container of trust and mutual support for the duration of the group if you join.

The typical format for each meeting is a check-in for you to share whatever is on your mind and how you are feeling in that given moment.  We then move on to discuss a topic that is led by a group facilitator. 

In-Person Groups

Meetings are held the third Sunday of each month 1:00 - 3:00 in person. We encourage you to come without kids if possible, and give yourself this time to be centered.

Registration is required.  Please review the Waivers & Agreements and our Mission, Additional resources can be found on our Resources page.

If you are unable to find a group that meets your needs, or if you would like to be added to a waitlist for a group that is currently full then click the letter icon to send us an email.

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