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If you're looking for postpartum support, a new parent support group, or general parenting support, you've found the right place.  Please reach out with any questions you have!

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Our Mission is to create a safe space for parents to gather, share, and support one another through deep listening and compassion.

The goals of our group meetings are

  • To share your parenting experiences, thoughts and feelings with the group in order to gain better insight into your own problems and struggles. By your willingness to be vulnerable and share you may help someone else through a similar problem or predicament.

  • To bond with one another and form new lasting friendships as a result of going through this special transition in life together.

  • To maintain confidentiality in the group by not sharing or gossiping outside the group about other member’s private matters.

  • To learn more about parenting babies and to discover the wealth of family resources that our community has to offer.

  • To know that you are not alone at this stage of your life. Other people are experiencing the same highs and lows that you are.

  • This group is not an appropriate replacement for traditional therapy, but can support you on your journey. If you are struggling on a deeper level and could benefit from some one-on-one therapy, please reach out to us via our contact page and we can give you some referrals to trusted providers that would love to help you feel better!

  • To start and end each meeting on time to the best of our ability.

  • To relax, enjoy each other’s company and have fun!!

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