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For Love & Babes



Our mission is to create a safe space for parents to gather, share and support one another through deep listening and compassion.

The goals of our group meetings are

  • To share your parenting experiences, thoughts and feelings with the group in order to gain better insight into your own problems and struggles. By your willingness to be vulnerable and share you may help someone else through a similar problem or predicament.

  • To bond with one another and form new lasting friendships as a result of going through this special transition in life together.

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Upcoming Events

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"My For Love and Babes postpartum group served as a weekly reminder that I was not alone in my journey as a new mom. I looked forward to meeting each week even when I felt completely in the throes of having a newborn and totally overwhelmed. The women in the group shared perspective and compassion, as well as vulnerability, practical tips and personal struggles. The FLB group felt like a deep exhale during the biggest transition of my life. I could not recommend joining a FLB group more. "

Sarah Coburn - Durango, CO

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For Love & Babes

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